Target ship date is 23rd Jul 2019

Our next Awesome...How 'Murica are you?

For those of you new to the game, Awesome's are a mystery box, themed around one of the GFT personalities or something else we think is awesome, with gear and accessories we think you need.  Awesome's always contain a limited edition or unique Kydex product.  

The mystery will be revealed when you open it.  We encourage photos and unboxing videos, but ask you watch our Facebook page for the all clear that all have been delivered so as not to spoil someone's surprise!

Never question the questions and remember, Shenanigans are afoot - ALWAYS!

We're leaving the quantity open, but it is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!  Target ship date is 23 Jul 2019 or hand delivery at Tactical Response Alumni Weekend.

Don't miss it!  Independence Day is on the way.

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