"Forever file"

A Nail file made to the exact size and shape of the bestselling Drugstore brand, Cut from a Slab of Grade 5, 6AL-4VT Titanium.

the abrasive side will never wear out.. ever.. at worst it will become clogged and require cleaning in Hydrogen Peroxide, or boiling.

with a coarse and a fine side, just like the disposable ones.

there is no abrasive glued on, the cutting action is from a laser cut pattern in the Titanium.. 

The last pass of the laser is to heat treat the top layer of Titanium, and grow a hard Titanium Oxide layer.

it is harder than anything your body can grow.

Including tooth enamel.

Non Magnetic, Non Corrosive, hypoallergenic, Gluten Free, and Vegan.

For you fellas looking for something nice to buy your special someone..

look no further.



this is something I have had cooking  for a While.

It occured to me that with powerful enough lasers ,

We could hit a material at an angle by using a fiber laser with a flippy mirror, and undercut it.

We were trying to push out the limits of deep engraving 3D images on Titanium,

when a particular test patter was found to be kinda grippy..

so of course, we turned the lasers up to kill and found out how grippy..

this is one of the results. FxR

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