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We have spent the better part of a year designing and testing this target. The Magnum Spring-Popper was designed to handle rounds up to 338 Lapua at ranges of 200+ yards. The base is constructed of rugged 3/8” AR500, the target 1/2” AR500.  The design utilizes rugged 5/8” hardware and stainless steel springs.  This target involved more testing than any other product we have listed on the website. All we can say is 1) It is a blast to shoot with a 338 and 2) It can take a beating!

Add HD spikes option- if you select this option you will receive a set of 2 HD spikes for opposing corners, we highly recommend driving these spikes through the stake holes on the legs to prevent the target base from moving while being shot. HD spikes can be viewed here-3/8" x 10" Heavy Duty Spikes

The target is 16” tall and 8” wide.  The legs add about 6" to the overall height.


The target also works well for calibers too large for our standard auto poppers. This would include 30-06, 300 win mag, 45-70, 458 and similar calibers.


This unit is being SOLD WITH THE LEGS. We found in testing that the legs were required for any magnum rifles.


This target is rated for 338 Lapua at 200 yards with standard lead core copper jacketed ammo.  Using closer or with larger calibers will void the warranty.  If you have any questions please contact us.

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