Target ship date is 1st Dec 2019

Starting the holiday season Awesomely.  Yes.  We know it's early, but we need time to make it and dammit we want you to be able to get it before you blow your paychecks on Black Friday!  :)

For those of you new to the game, Awesome's are a mystery box, themed around one of the GFT personalities or something else we think is awesome, with gear and accessories we think you need.  This mini awesome is a less expensive alternative to the full blown Awesome.  It's got all the same goodies, except for the Kydex Rig.

The mystery will be revealed when you open it.  We encourage photos and unboxing videos, but ask you watch our Facebook page for the all clear that all have been delivered so as not to spoil someone's surprise!

Never question the questions and remember, Shenanigans are afoot - ALWAYS!

We're leaving the quantity open, but it is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!  Target ship date is 1 December 2019.

Don't miss it or Santa just might put some coal in your stocking.

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