The Short Order India is identical to our R2S India, except it can be ordered in any of our custom colors.

If you are looking for an economical, fast option for your firearm, this is it.

All the engineering and geometry of our custom IWB line are baked in the India. 

The short order line of holsters is not a stock item like our R2S holster, but it has a significantly reduced lead time, typically under 2 weeks, unless the Dex is backordered.

Get yourself a quality holster fast, with some style.

Check out our kydex color selection here.

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Best holsters I've used

Alan Jones on 9th Apr 2020

I thought I'd leave a review here because my last review was on the READY2SHIP version and people may not see it now. This is literally the best holster I've ever used and I've tried a lot over the years. I now own several greenforce holsters and they rock! My original India was at the time the best holster I'd tried until I got another short order a year or so later. Not satisfied with resting on his laurels Christian improved the design with more adjustability and created this masterpiece. It's meant for hard use and has been on my hip daily for 3 years as well as through training classes and has never let me down. Buy with confidence

Short order india

Andrew on 11th Feb 2020

Amazing holster, currently own one for each gun i have!

Shot order India

Bennie S. on 6th Feb 2020

This is the third piece of equipment I’ve purchased from GFT. The fit, finish and comfort is what I’ve come to expect from them. Nice gear!!

India holster

Alex R. on 27th Nov 2019

Outstanding quality!

India Holster

Dylan on 13th Aug 2019

The Green Force Tactical India has to be my absolute favorite IWB Kydex holster. I have one for all of my pistols. I carry at 4:00 position and this is the most comfortable well made holster on the market! Plus the Raptor design design looks so bad ass! Highly recommend to everyone!

Another GREAT holster!

Jeff on 31st Jul 2019

My 2nd India holster for a new pistol it it is just as good as my first one! No need to look at any other holster company!

The Short Order India

JT Gilgo on 7th May 2019

Incredible holster. So comfortable, you forget that you're wearing it, which is the idea. Built like a tank, but without the sharp angles. I would have liked to have given it five stars, but it took a month to arrive, and when it did, it didn't have the logo I'd ordered. It's basically the same product I could have ordered from Amazon, and received within a couple of days. I'd return the holster to get the logo added, but I don't own another IWB holster for my Glock 19, so...


Justin Lynch on 2nd Apr 2019

I have had an India holster for 2 years now. Bought it to replace a Galco Kingtuk which was a great decision. I carried strong side with it for about 8 months with no issues. I then decided I wanted to try appendix carry, so I removed one soft loop leaving the centered one. Ran it appendix through the fighting pistol class at Tactical Response and have carried it that way ever since. I have tried other quality rigs from GFT and NSR that are specifically designed for appendix, but can find nothing I like better than this India appendix with one loop. Most versatile and comfortable holster I’ll ever own. One holster to do it all, thanks GFT