The Short Order Alpha is identical to our R2S Alpha, except it can be ordered in any of our custom colors.

If you are looking for an economical, fast option for your firearm, this is it.

All the engineering and geometry of our custom AIWB line are baked in the Alpha. 

The short order line of holsters is not a stock item like our R2S holster, but it has a significantly reduced lead time, typically under 2 weeks, unless the Dex is backordered.

Get yourself a quality holster fast, with some style.

Check out our kydex color selection here.

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Great Holster

JM on 4th Sep 2019

I would purchase again.

Short order Alpha

Michal Cieglewicz on 29th Aug 2019

The holster is amazing! That loose loop makes the holster move especially in the appendix position making it really comfortable. I love it. It just took too long to get it, thats why the 4 stars, but i am satisfied and i do recommend the product to anyone who wants to carry in a appendix position :) thank you.

Awesome work Danner!

Thomas on 10th May 2019

4th alpha holster from GFT first rig made by Danner and couldn’t be happier. I will wear this rig everyday and be thankful GFT cares about its family so much!

Appendix holster

Brandon on 28th Nov 2018

Best appendix holster I’ve ever had!!!

AIWB Alpha

Bob Mason on 27th Aug 2018

Let me start by saying I am a big guy. 6' tall 265 lbs and I've got a belly. In my line of work I need something that is out of the way as much as possible for my safety and everyone around me so I choose to carry appendix. I have purchased other AIWB holsters from other companies. They can't even come close to the comfort and quality that GFT products bring to the table! I will be buying more from GFT in the near future. Oh yeah and just a comparison this holster was purchased for my G17. I can wear it longer and more comfortably and have a greater range of motion and fully conceal my G17 better than I can my XD subcompact in another companies holster. It's insane how much I am in love GFT right now! I've only been wearing it for 5 days now, but I can't imagine a better holster out there! Great job GFT! You have earned a lifetime customer.

AIWB Alpha

Todd W on 23rd May 2018

This is my third AIWB holster from GFT. Well thought out holster. Retention is excellent, holster completely covers the mag release, and the corner between the trigger guard and muzzle is cut so holster doesn't dig when you sit. Shipped fast. Operational side of GFT must be very squared away. Thanks

Best I’ve ever used!

Kevin Caldwell on 5th Dec 2017

I started off like a lot of others; using subpar holsters.... NO MORE! I can’t say enough good things about GFT rigs. My first was an AIWB rig for my G43, after a few months of wearing it I realized that I could probably carry my 19 just as easily if I had a good holster for it. Now I carry the 19 every day in a GFT Alpha. It stays put, it’s safe, it’s comfortable. And if appendix isn’t your thing they have awesome rigs for whatever carry position you prefer. Now quit reading and go get one!

P320 holster

Alex on 16th Jun 2017

I've bought and worn a lot of holsters. This GFT IWB holster is the lightest, best retaining, comfortable holster I've ever worn. I have a craprastic back from service, and most holsters hurt me to wear continuously. This holster is amazing and I forget it's there! I can't recommend this enough!