Expected release date is 26th Oct 2018

Wanting a dual appendix rig?  We have a solution that is more adjustable and versatile that an all Kydex dual holster.  The Bridge.

This Aluminum bracket connects two of our non-ulticlip Appendix holsters (not included) from the existing belt attachment points.  Simply remove the current belt attachment brackets and replace with the hardware provided in this kit.

Light, and even mildly flexible, the Bridge can be bent to fit your belly profile and has enough adjustibility to allow you to mount a mag carrier or even a TQ carrier in-between.

Only 20 of these stonewashed prototypes are available for pre-order.

Holsters, softloops, and Fomi Clip not included.

The production run will be available soon.

Current Stock:
4.00 (in)
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The Bridge is awesome

E.J. Johnson on 24th Oct 2018

The GFT Bridge is the the best way I've seen to connect multiple holsters together. The amount of adjustment is almost unlimited. It is great to be able to to adjust the holsters to match the natural curvature of the human body by adding more curve to the bridge. Great product!!!