Who are we?

Green Force Tactical LLC is owned and operated by Veterans of the US Military, Law-Enforcement, Corrections and Emergency Services communities. We are a family owned business, and have dedicated our lives to serving our family, communities and country.

​​We are Sheepdogs. If you don't know what that means, check our "Mindset" page, via "The Ready Room".
We have seen first hand, the​​ horrors that people can inflict upon each other. We have seen evil take hold and grow stronger, because good people stood idly by. We will not stand idly by. We train to be ready for the fight. We do not look for trouble, but we are ready​​ when we come upon it. We want you to be ready, too.
Why buy our product?

Because we build it better than our competition...period. Yeah, that's a bold statement, and we stand behind it. If you are looking for a cheap holster for your gun, look elsewhere. Our holsters are not mass produced by machines. Each Green Force Tactical holster is hand built by a military and/law enforcement veteran who understands that your holster is not just a manufacturing quota, it is a piece of potentially life-saving equipment that you have to be able to rely upon. If shit goes bad and you are not wearing your defensive firearm because the cheap-assed, garbage holster you have for it isn't comfortable, or if your holster doesn't keep your defensive firearm of choice secured where and when you need it, it could cost you or someone else their life. We get that, and we take it very seriously. The proof of that is found in our construction.

Our holsters are​ precision engineered and built to exacting standards using only the highest quality materials available. Each and every piece of gear we make is checked for quality, fit and retention, by people who have been in life-or-death situations, before it leaves our shop. You can count on it.

We simply don't understand why anyone, would spend hundreds of dollars on a defensive firearm, only to keep it in a dresser drawer or gun safe, or carry it around in a cheap, unreliable, ill-fitting​​ and uncomfortable holster. If you are one of those people, go away.

If you carry a defensive firearm​​ because you understand that evil exists in the world, and that bad things happen, then you are who we are here to serve.