A thermo-dynamic polymer that was originally created for the aerospace industry but found its way into the holster business. Kydex is easy to mold, but it is very durable. It is flexible enough to be comfortable and not brittle, like injection molded plastics can be. But it is also strong enough to hold your firearm on its own without some additional means of retention, as is required of leather. Kydex requires little maintenance and does not degrade or warp over time.

Short Answer: If they make a mold for it, we can make a holster for it. Long Answer: Short Order products are only available for the most popular handguns. We may add additional firearms to these products if demand increases. For Custom Products, if we don't own the mold, and we can locate one, we may purchase one to make your holster and add the mold to our inventory. This, of course, will add additional cost and lead time to your order. If there is no mold available for your firearm, we still may be able to arrange something. Either way, please contact us directly BEFORE you place an order so we can investigate the availability. You can find our gun mold inventory listed here.

69 and growing! Please see the list here

We support several popular tactical accessories. It costs a great deal of time, effort, and money to design and prepare a mold for a new tactical accessory. If yours is not listed, we may be able to find a mold to build you a holster; however, unless there is a great demand for support of a brand new light or laser, we will likely not be able to support such a request. You can see the current list of supported accessories here.

Yes, unless the requirements will compromise the quality, durability or safety of the holster. Submit a contact form prior to submitting an order to verify we can support your request. Items that are "off the menu" will add more lead time to your order and will likely cost more, as well. We will respond to your contact form with questions or concerns about your request and with a quote for its cost.

Perhaps. Fixer loves doing crazy stuff. But, it will depend on how crazy the idea actually is. Submit your specifications via a contact form and we'll do some R&D to see if it's possible and to build a quote for you. Please keep in mind that we're happy to build something bat-shit-crazy for you, but we won't compromise the quality, durability, or safety of the holster to do it. These types of orders have no specified lead time, as it will depend completely on the situation.

Please review our Terms and Conditions page for details on Lead Time.

Maybe. Check our our Amazon Store. Or if you can wait a a week or so to get more color options, see our Short Order line.