Completing your purchase from Green Force Tactical, Inc. constitutes agreement to the following terms and conditions:


Our current average lead time is between 4 to 6 weeks for ALL orders. This is an estimate, not a delivery date. More complex orders, such as those with tactical accessories, level 2 retention, custom kydex patterns or "unlisted" guns, will increase this lead time.  

If you have any specific training or deployment deadlines, please let us know in the order notes of your order AND send a contact form with your order number to highlight this request. We will do our best to meet this deadline, but you must understand that depending on order volume and when the order is made, we may not be able to fulfill your order in time. If you absolutely need your rig ASAP, we suggest our Amazon Store.

Again, purchasing a holster from us constitutes your agreement to the stated lead times as described above.


While firearms are simply tools that can be used in defense of yourself and others, they can be dangerous or even deadly if misused or mishandled.

Always take adequate precautions while handling and carrying your firearm.

Always follow the four laws of Firearms Safety

  1. Treat the firearm as if it is always loaded
  2. Never point a firearm at something you are not prepared to destroy
  3. Be sure of your target and what is behind it
  4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are sited on target and ready to fire


Green Force Tactical, Inc.'s philosophy is that it is every person's individual responsibility to be ready for "the fight" at all times. The three pillars that support this philosophy are Mindset, Skills and Tactics, and finally Gear, in that order. This means we strongly encourage training, especially training that focuses as much on mindset as it does on skills and tactics.

When the fight happens, you won't be standing still and neither will the bad guy. Your blood will be pumping. Your adrenalin will be flowing. And all the focus and concentration it takes to get get a nickle-sized shot group center mass in a paper target will be out the window. This is where practical, high quality and immersive training excels. It will build the muscle memory and the instict to react quickly, accurately, and with an appropriate level of force. The training you took to get your Concealed Carry license is the beginning of the formation of your skills and mindset, not the end.

There are many good schools and instructors available across the country. Read reviews. Talk to former students. Watch the instructors social media to see if they are right for you. Green Force Tactical, Inc. strongly recommends Tactical Response, based in Camden, TN.


Most of our holsters require the use of a belt. General retail store belts are not designed to support the additional weight and torque that comes with carrying a firearm. Whether nylon or leather, you must find something rigid enough to support the weight of your firearm yet be comfortable enough for every day carry (EDC) and for use during rigorous training.

Green Force Tactical, Inc. highly recommends belts made by Original Special Operations Equipment. SOE makes rugged and durable nylon belts, and other tactical gear, that are the perfect compliment to your Green Force Tactical holster.


In addition to a good belt, you must consider your wardrobe when you carry a firearm. Concealing a firearm adds additional considerations to what you wear and how you wear it. This doesn't mean you can't dress up or look nice, but you will likely need to modify your wardrobe and appearance when you start carrying a concealed firearm. You may find you need a different holster when you dress up than when you dress more casually.

Whether its wearing bigger shirts untucked or purchasing a tuckable holster to keep your weapon concealed, Green Force Tactical has gear and knowledge to meet your needs and help you.