Short Answer:  Garry is our Logo!

Long Answer:

Once upon a time, 3/4 of the GFT owners were at Tactical Response in Camden, TN after Alumni Weekend.  Fixer and the MFCFO were taking "Fighting Shotgun" and Cinder was taking photos.  One of those photos was a selfie of Cinder and one of the Instructors, Garry Marr.  Garry had been Cinder's instructor during "The Fight" the previous week.

Back at the shop in Central Florida, GFT Grammie saw the photo on Facebook and commented about how it was so nice to see both of her children together training and having a great time, or something like that. She had mistaken Garry for her own son!  

So Garry Marr became an adopted member of the family after that!

Fast forward a few weeks or months (the timeline is hazy at this point), and we keep getting questions about what our logo is.  Is it an alien?  A skull?  A mask?  We never decided ourselves, so we put it out to our Facebook family to come up with the answer.  I guess the above story was still fresh in everyone's mind, because the answer was "Garry."

So our logo, is not a Skull.  It is not a mask, nor an alien.  It is a Garry.