The newest holster design from your friends at Green Force Tactical, "The Speed0."

A minimalist holster with maximum features. It's ambidextrous, so you can choose the draw hand by just flipping the hardware.  Equipped with the Tuff-Clip and MOD-Wing, designed to work with RMR and suppressor height sites, mag release coverage, and much much more... built to move fast when you have to travel light.

"The Speed0" from GFT. 

Available in all our Kydex colors for several popular small firearms.

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5.25 (in)
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1.00 (in)

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Great holster

William Haygood on 3rd Mar 2020

This is a great holster for appendix carry. I ordered it for a M&P 2.0 5’’ barrel. I carry my gun all day everyday with this holster without a problem. No hang ups on draw.

Live feed frame speedo

Robert inabinet on 16th Dec 2019

Luv it, great holster, does exactly what I want in a appendix holster. Compact and comfortable .

Home run!

Brett on 13th Dec 2019

This minimalist rig has nothing you don’t need and every important feature you do need in a holster. It is very comfortable to carry and the smaller footprint makes your gun disappear


Jonathan on 27th Nov 2019

Love it. Is the best I can say. Kydex quality is top notched. Doesn’t leave residue and shavings on or in my gun like another brand did. The minimalist holster works great for me. Fits comfortably in the waist line hides well. Doesn’t have a sharp edge rubbing the man parts chaffing all day. Work in it and forget it’s there sense I’ve gotten it.

Minimalist holster

Jonathan on 26th Nov 2019

Love it. That’s really all I can say. Been wearing it a week now. Did some basic draw at home. Hadn’t been to the range as of yet. Doesn’t snag anything and keeps the gun at the right height in the belt line. I don’t mind the no sweat guard or exposed barrel. Less sharp edges rubbing on my lower parts while walking or working.

Glock 26 Holster

Eric Luther on 12th Nov 2019

This is hands down the most comfortable and well made holster I’ve ever owned!


William Burnette on 25th Oct 2019

This holster is awesome the rentention is perfect, the finish is perfect, and it is just as comfortable as my berkut 2