This is an update of the collaborative effort between Sonny Puzikas from Red Force/Forward Training Concepts and Green Force Tactical.  This appendix holster has all the benefits of the Berkut 2, but uses an UltiClip to provide additional versatility.  The standard UltiClip will allow you to use your Berkut without a belt by connecting it directly onto your pants fabric.  The UltiClip XL allows either 1.5" belt attachment or clipping it directly onto your pants.  Additional UltiClip variants forthcoming.

Sonny realized that an adjustable, reversed cant for appendix carry will improve wrist alignment, thus shortening the draw stroke.  This reduces your gun on target time, giving you the edge you need in that one second that matters the most.

Sonny pitched the idea to us and asked us to build Version 2.0 for him.  We are honored to build it and present it to you.

Just like the original, the belt attachment is what makes the Berkut 2.1U unique.  The UltiClip is mounted on a metal strut that is affixed to the holster to allow it to rotate into the most comfortable angle for you and to move as needed.  The improved metal cross strut provides increased strength and durability.  We've even added extra mount points so you can raise or lower the strut and control how high your holster rides.

The Berkut V2.1U is designed and created with the same engineering and care we put in all of our holsters and has the exact same warranty.  

Lead Time is expected to be about 2 weeks

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Berkut holsters can not be built for any light or laser combo on your firearm.

This is do to license agreement with the designer  and also conflicts with the intent of the holster.

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Troy Mitchell on 21st Nov 2023

Holster is amazing, great quality, great finish, and of course the best craftsmanship in the holster business!

Berkut 2.1U Holster Review

Fred Bates on 31st Jan 2023

The Berkut 2.1U from Green Force Tactical is very well-made and shipped quickly. Without doing further research, I ordered the XL UltiClip version over the standard UltiClip because I normally wear my pistol AIWB with a belt. Something in the description of the clip options about wearing it “with yoga pants or sweat pants” using the standard UltiClip sounded like an application I’d never use, so I opted for the XL UltiClip. You should consider using your Google-Fu to research the different UltiClips from the manufacturer and their application. In retrospect, I would have ordered the standard clip. It allows for mounting the holster behind the belt and directly to the pants, which is both more discreet and less bulky. Having said that, the XL UltiClip is extremely robust, and is easily the most secure mounting hardware that I have ever seen in a pistol holster designed for AIWB carry. The holster has a slight reverse cant, which indeed provides a more ergonomic and “faster” draw stroke than the typical vertically-oriented mounting of other AIWB holsters. That is counterbalanced by the lack of a claw, which drives the grip closer to the body on other AIWB holsters, and thus the Berkut 2.1U prints more than my other AIWB holsters. You can compensate for that with your choice of attire and by adjusting the holster for a deeper ride, but I’d like the option of a claw if it were available. Overall, the Green Force Tactical Berkut 2.1U is an extremely well-made and very robust holster, and I would purchase another one. Recommended.


Brian H on 5th Mar 2022

Pure awesomeness. The attention to detail, the fit and finish are top notch


Brian Hansen on 4th Mar 2022

Awesome holster! Comfortable and quality is excellent

Berkut 2.1U

Brian on 25th Oct 2021

I’m a new appendix carry convert! When this holster arrived placement and use was instinctual. I practiced drawing with my P365 and it was much faster than my usual OWB leather Safariland. Retention was strong but does not hinder the draw stroke. I wore it on my day off running errands, driving and doing yard work. I barely new it was there. Tomorrow I plan on wearing it work for my 10 hour shift.

Peak Performance

Doug Hicks on 24th Apr 2021

This is an absolute dream of a holster. I have worn it through several different schools. Both optic cut and standard. Love the Ulticlip XL, it allows me to carry when I both am and am not wearing a belt, IE on a hike or run, instead of only when in 'normal' carry attire. Definitely the first holster I recommend to people new to CCW.

AIWB holster

Em on 17th Mar 2021

Excellent quality and perfect fit for my pistol

Berkut 2.1U

JUSTIN BYRD on 19th Feb 2020

Recieved this within the week i ordered it and i am impressed as always with the dex magic that went into this holster. Its super comfortable and easy to draw and reholster from without to much movement required. In all i love it.