You asked for it.  A custom version of the Loki.  Get it in whatever color you want, now.  This is NOT the Ready2Ship item, so standard lead times apply.

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Trust my life to this holster

Cody on 23rd Feb 2024

Quality and customer service are top notch. Loki is my favorite holster because it’s already cut for an rmr and it will take any length slide since it’s open ended. Highly recommend any of their products though.

Another piece of functional Art

Tom Rhoden on 22nd Jan 2023

Well I just got what they think is holster #10 from y’all and as usual it’s perfect. I dropped 40 pounds and can finally carry appendix so I needed a rig for my Shadow Systems CR920 elite. Basically a G43x with optic cut. As usual it’s perfect and to me within a week of ordering. Man I love the Greenforce crew! I got two orders from SOE at the same time so it was like Christmas. Low pro edc belt and a Loki appendix rig! Can’t be beet!

Loki for S&W shield

Michael on 23rd Aug 2022

No nonsense design, lightweight to the point you will forget you even have it on, the best fit to firearm I have ever seen, locks in tight so you never have to worry about retention no matter what you are doing!

Canik tp9 Elite SC with Shield SMS2, Custom Loki

Timothy Larson on 22nd Jul 2021

The holster is quality craftsmanship as always. It accommodates my Elite SC with red dot and also my SF with ease. Great for concealed carry, big or small pistol. Highly recommend! Everyone needs at least 1 Loki in their life!

Awesome Aiwb

Bill on 24th Nov 2017

This holster everthing you need and nothing extra you don't. It's a minimalistic holster that is comfortable for all day carry. I give it a four star because it does not have any way of adjusting ride height but it does fit comfortably. The fit and finnish is great. Do not hesitate to buy.


Paco on 7th Feb 2017

Works like a charm. If you need a holster in a hurry and don't care about how fancy it looks then the ready2ship holsters are where its at. Can't see myself buying from another holster company. Money well spent.

Best AIWB I've owned

Nacho on 4th Jul 2016

This is the best AIWB I have ever purchased. I have purchased about 4 others for my G 19, and have never been fully satisfied. Then I finally ordered the Loki. Been wearing it a week now and is the most comfortable AIWB I have ever worn. Great product. Can't wait to receive my custom OWB from Green Force Tactical.

Holster After Action Report

Fucking Flores on 25th Apr 2016

Holster After Action Report Holster Model: Loki & Spare Mag Carrier Gun: Glock 19 and Glock 17 Spare Mag Class: Tactical Response Fighting Pistol Over the course of this two day/1,000 round count class, the Loki holster performed flawlessly. I carried my glock 19 in the appendix-12:45ish position. Not exactly dead center but more so above the crease of my right thigh. No matter what I was doing or what position I was in. The holster never shifted needlessly. When it did, it did so by virtue of its design. Whether I was standing in a static position (which was rarely), reloading on the move, or fighting my way back up from the ground, the holster was always where I needed it to be. There was nothing in its design that made me feel uncomfortable in any way. Nothing that dug or pinched into my body. No jagged edges nor hot spots or even mal shaped deformities that can occur from poorly built kydex holsters. The spare mag carrier also performed very well. I ended up ditching it half way through day one. I found myself reaching for my second spare mag in my pocket first. As opposed to the one in the mag carrier. So I ended up just putting both spare mags in my pocket and reaching for reloads from there. That had little to do with the carrier’s design and more to do with how my own natural tendencies developed as the training progressed. As far as the condition of the Loki holster after taking the class. There are no cracks, warps, or any other damages in the holster. Most holsters would have given way in some form. The only thing that was slightly damaged was the adhesive(?) GFT logo branding on the front of the holster. That’s barely cosmetic and I don’t even really count that because it is put on after the holster is made. I trust my life, and the lives of my friends and loved ones, to any product that Green Force Tactical makes. In addition to making holsters. They train. Regularly. They know what works and what doesn’t. It shows in their holsters. If you carry a gun, buy a quality kydex holster. Green Force Tactical is one of the few companies out there with superior quality. Best in Florida. Made in the mother fucking USA. - “Fucking” Flores 01/19/16