THESE ARE SOLD BY THE EACH, PICS ALL HAVE 2 because the photographer never considered stupid people.

Newly released Gen2 TriggerCube designed and produced by Green Force Tactical.


Not so cube like as the Gen1, but works just the same.  3D printed to reduce cost, but just as reliable as the original.

The Gen2 also includes a breakaway pin, so when the boogaloo begins and the adrenaline has impacted your dexterity, you'll still be able to get your long gun quickly.  The pin can be replaced as part of our lifetime warranty.  

Watch an in-use video here. Scroll down for more information on the Trigger Cube.

The trigger cube is to be mounted in a secure location allowing you to hang any modern firearm featuring a quick detach sling mount. Most modern firearms come equipped with a quick detach point but after market bolt on quick detach mounts are available for most firearms from all major manufacturers. Once the Trigger Cube is attached to the wall all you need to do is pull the trigger on the Trigger Cube to release your firearm! The Gen2 trigger cube can still be mounted to a 2 x 4 stud. THIS IS NOT A LOCKING DEVICE; IT IS A QUICK RELEASE/RAPID DEPLOYMENT DEVICE so caution should be taken when selecting a location to mount!

Green Force Tactical is not liable for damage to the area of mounting, firearm or person utilizing the Trigger Cube due to improper use or mounting of the Trigger Cube. As with all firearm accessories, extreme caution should be exercised to ensure safety of the person and firearm utilizing the Trigger Cube.






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Fantastic Idea!

Aaron Flippo on 9th Oct 2022

I love this. At night, I can hang my rifle up on my wall, by the bed so it's ready to go without having to worry about my daughter messing with it. So... When trying to practice grabbing my gun in a hurry, I easily broke off most of the trigger, but I actually like it better this way. Maybe Greenforce should make the triggers smaller to begin with, just a small nub. That's just my 2 cents.

Trigger cube

Steve myers on 17th Dec 2020

Beyond my expectations it’s awesome

Gen 2 Trigger Cube

Steve on 29th Nov 2020

These are fantastic and work as designed. We have them attached to each side of our bed. It is easy to hang and remove our home defense guns on the Trigger cubes. In the event that we need them, they are right next to us, but they don't get knocked over as they would if we had them leaned against the bed.

Trigger cube

Clint on 31st Jul 2020

Works great For mounting my rifle for quick access.

Trigger Cube

Lew Baumgartel on 2nd Oct 2019

Top Notch product from GFT! I love the simple operation and ease of use.

Innovative product

Maximillian Lizana on 23rd Sep 2019

Very innovative product, I couldn't be happier with it solves my mounting for the AR in and out of my safe.