Choose from the options below and we'll build the F.U.P.A holster of your choice.  Perfect holster for inside a FUPA or bag or mounting on another velcro surface.

Check out our kydex color selection here.


For options not listed here please send us a contact form and we will get back to you letting you know if we can build for what you want,




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BOB holster

maximillian andrew lizana on 24th Nov 2021

I cant say enough good things about the quality of this holster, or for that matter how fast i received it. I will not shop anywhere else for a holster.


Sam Hughlett on 14th Oct 2021

Ordered a BOB! Man this thing is legit. It has great retention, great fit and finish this is a 10/10 of body holster for sure. I will be ordering my next holster from GFT!

Bob holster

Nick Degiulio on 13th Dec 2018

These holsters work great for many different applications. Love em. Ordered a few more

F'n Epic holster!

Jason Kantner on 26th Jun 2016

I only use Greenforce Tactical holsters due to their reliability and great customer service. Don't waste your time and money on other brands. Buy yourself one of these holsters today!

the best fucking holster

Frenchy on 29th Dec 2015

I use this holster ever day and its fucking outstanding. Great retention and top notch quality

Perfect for my Gym bag

Henry on 25th Oct 2015

I purchased this holster to place my VP9 in while working out at the gym. Leaving it in my IWB holster then placing it folded up in clothes made it impossible to access, should the need arise. With this BOB I just velcro it to the inside of my gym bag and it is right there beside me while I work out. Great for anyone needing a holster when you just can't carry on your person

Mr. Green will make it work

Michael Taylor on 20th Oct 2015

Let Mr. Green know how you intend to wear, place or how you will use the holster. He will make sure it works the way you desire. I don't know of another holster maker that will do that. I ordered a CUSTOM BAG-OFF BODY (BOB) HOLSTER with a thumb release hood for a Glock 26. In the notes I told Mr. Green where the holster would be placed and how I would use it. He tested, the holster how I had intended to use it and emailed me to let me know it would not work the way I intended to use it. He recommend that I go with a traditional thumb break. When I got the holster.... well pictures can't do it justice. He made it was small, slim and streamlined as possible. It works with every method of carry I have tried. In an SOE AK/M4 micro rig and on concealable soft body armor. GFT is the way to go.