Our pocket holster is here!  You asked for it, we delivered.

Made with the same care, engineering, and features as our other holsters, the Pocket Holster fills the gap in our lineup for those that use a pocket gun for backup or even EDC.

The pocket hook is 3D printed from PLA in our shop  (WE NOW USE A MODWING AS THE HOOK DO TO ITS BETTER ROBUSTNESS), to keep the holster anchored in your pocket while you draw.

Available in all our Kydex colors for several popular small firearms.

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Pocket holster.

Justin suresch on 28th Aug 2022

So far it has been great. Need a little more dry fire with it. Construction and attention to detail is what you would expect from gft.

Pocket Holster Sig 365

Dutch Delzingaro on 18th Jul 2021

I carry my 365 everyday. When I have to go low profile this is the holster I use. It's comfortable and I'm confident knowing that the gun won't move around and the trigger is protected. I have used the sticky holsters and they came out with the gun alot. This one, the claw hooks and it clears the holster everytime.

J Frame Pocket Holster

Jacob H on 31st Oct 2020

If you're looking for a pocket holster this is what you need! As a cop I've tried carrying back up guns on the ankle, appendix, in the vest etc. Nothing has worked better for me than my 642 in this GFT pocket holster. This is the way!

Best pocket holster you can get

Broch on 7th Dec 2019

Ive owned a few from many other well reviewed companies but gft got it RIGHT. Minimal, effective, cost efficient. This thing will last a lifetime!