Want a spare set of soft loops to replace the set on your holster or mag carrier?  Freshen up your rig with a this soft loop replacement kit.

Comes with 2 standard soft loops and all required hardware to attach them to your holster, mag carrier, or tuckable strut.


Black Only, at the moment.

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Soft loop kit/India holster

Phil Zandstra on 27th Feb 2022

There simply the best combo on the market. The soft loops fit nice and secure to my belt. Also the two india holsters I own are the most comfortable, secure and concealable holsters on the market. I hope GreenForce Tactical is around for years to come.

Soft Loop Repair Kit

Andrew Blissit on 10th Jul 2017

Good quality replacement parts, as expected. Everything you need to replace a soft loop snap or two is included. Used this to replace the broken snap on my soft loop for AIWB holster from GFT. Shipping was a little expensive, but still much less total than buying a new holster and arrived in a reasonable amount of time.