Ready for an Appendix Carry holster with some color?  You've come to the right place.  We can build your blaster scabbard in a wide variety of colors.  Just make your selections below and we'll build your Custom Appendix Carry holster to your specifications.

Comes standard with adjustable passive retention and a single belt loop.  This rig can be worn Appendix or at the 3-4 o'clock IWB position.  The 3-4 o'clock position works best for small/compact firearms.  Want to carry a full size gun in 3-4 o'clock?  Check our our custom IWB.

Check out our kydex color selection here.

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Appendix carry

Dennis Cudal on 27th Jun 2019

The fitting holster I found so far. Especially for my tactical muffin top. Highly recommend for us big guys

Best holster ever!!

Norihiko koma on 11th Apr 2019

I bought holster for P99C it awesome!

Iwb 225 holster awesome !!!

Antonio Sartori on 2nd Apr 2019

This is the third holster I’ve bought from these folks and in typical fashion it did not disappoint!!! I wear it everyday great product

Awesome holster!!

Rick C. on 2nd Apr 2019

Bought the custom aiwb light bearing holster for my sig p229. It came quick even though it was a custom order. I thought it would be hard to conceal because it's a big setup, but it conceals easily and is much more comfortable than I thought it would be. Absolutely would recommend it! Thanks!

Custom AIWB

Aaron J on 1st Apr 2019

Fit, finish, and comfort are outstanding. The pistol is positioned perfectly to help get a full fighting grip on it before drawing.

AIWB Review

Jeff on 21st Mar 2019

I have one of these for my SC 320. I had to get one for the M&P 9 as well. Great build quality and customer service. Having the loop style for the belt allows just enough movement in the appendix to make it feel like there isn't anything there. Makes it great for driving, walking, etc. Highly recommend.

Custom AIWB

Jason R. on 5th Feb 2019

This is my fourth holster from GFT I love there holsters great quality amazing attention to detail. This custom holster was all I hoped it would be and more also the only holster I can wear appendix as a big guy. Keep up the Great Work !!!


Jason R on 24th Oct 2018

GFT has the best holsters hands down. This is my 3rd holster and this one is just as great as the others. I recommend there holsters to all my friends and family. Thank you GFT for making amazing holsters