The newest holster design from your friends at Green Force Tactical, "The Speed0."

A minimalist holster with maximum features. It's ambidextrous, so you can choose the draw hand by just flipping the hardware.  Equipped with the Tuff-Clip and MOD-Wing, designed to work with RMR and suppressor height sites, mag release coverage, and much much more... built to move fast when you have to travel light.

"The Speed0" from GFT. 

Available in all our Kydex colors for several popular small firearms.

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Paul Purdom on 6th Oct 2021

I ordered a custom holster and it was made and shipped in a couple days. The holster disappears and has great retention. The person making it has skill and took great care on the finish as though he was making it for himself. Great product, great company!


Jacob D Roberts on 15th Jun 2021

Man this holster is awesome. If you like to carry aiwb then this is the holster you want. I can sit comfortably without any edges digging into me. Had one for my canik, and just got another one for my S&W, love this holster! Also, thanks for adding the logo!!!


Brett Fahnestock on 16th Apr 2021

Couldn’t be happier with the way the Speed0 carries. I now use them exclusively and have them for 3 different guns. Stays tight to the body, zero printing, and is cut in a way that doesn’t poke me anywhere! On top of that, GFT has the best customer service and actually cares about making sure you have exactly what you need to carry daily!


CARLOS SAMBRANO on 25th Sep 2020

This was my first AIWB holster and absolutely loving it, I'm a Snap-On tools dealer in the DFW and comfortability for sitting and standing each and every time I get out of my truck is key, they nailed it. I even let them surprise me with color and they got that on point too, Blue/ Gray Kryptek!!!!! Thanks for awesome product and more importantly thank you for your military service, cant thank you enough!!!!

Best Holster

Derl McMeekin on 23rd Jun 2020

The guys at GFT provide only the beat quality yet another holster ordered from them knocked outta the park. Thanks guys :)

AIWB Minimalist Holster

Patrick of Tenn on 25th May 2020

I have been wearing only this holster for a couple weeks. It is by far the most comfortable and secure and discreet of all that I have. I am new to carrying this way. I have explored many options in recent months. I WILL recommend this to all my friends & family. Thanks, GFT.

Speed0 for Canik tp9 Elite SC

Mark on 23rd May 2020

Really nice minimalist appendix carry. Great finish on edges and plenty of clearance for suppressor sites if needed with the HS407. Best thing about GFT, besides the very nice holster, is that anytime I sent a message they jumped on it and responded ASAP! Great crew!

Great Holster

Joel L. Dale on 29th Apr 2020

I have been a fan of the work Green Force does ever since my first holster of theirs arrived. This holster has met all standards that I’ve learned to expect from Green Force. It was bought for my wife’s G43, but ambidextrous design allows me to utilize it as well being a lefty (at a price you couldn’t beat with a stick.). This is my 5th product I’ve purchased from GF but I will definitely be ordering more in the future.