Design keeps your magazine upright in your pocket, with no rattling. Preset tension prevents excessive movement, while allowing quick retrieval of your spare magazine.

Ergonomic design minimizes printing and improves comfort.

Available for all common single or double stack magazines and in all of our awesome colors!

 Check out our kydex color selection here.

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Pocket Holster

Marcus on 26th Feb 2022

Just got the pocket holster for a Sig P365 mag. It looks great, fits nicely in front pocket of my shorts and pants. Holds the mag securely and easily to draw from. Really couldn't be happier with this mag holder.

Double stack works with Sig P365 mags

Doug Hicks on 24th Apr 2021

I got this back when I would carry a Glock 19, Sig P320, or M&P 9. Worked great. Ended up getting into the Sig P365s. To my absolute delight, it works with those mags as well. I can carry this in my front pocket and have an extra spare mag and not affect my usual pocket contents. The wings allow small items such as lip balm or eye drops to tuck neatly behind it. Highly recommend as an option to have a backup spare mag.

mag carrier

Robin Wheeler on 15th Jun 2019

This a great little accessory and helps hide the mag . It keeps your mag in the correct location even with other stuff in your pocket. I carry a small pocket knife and a surefire pin light in the same jeans pocket and it works great!

Just what the Dr ordered

Ken on 12th Apr 2019

This fits in a small jeans back pocket perfectly

Single stack pocket mag carrier

Ben Nicols on 12th Mar 2019

I've got both the single stack PMC and the double stack PMC. Genius idea and very comfortable. Dont know how I went without them. Keeps the magazine upright and it the right place for consistent easy access.


Ben Nicols on 22nd Feb 2019

I have been carrying the pocket mag carrier for a little over a week now and won't go without it ever again! Its comfortable and keeps the mag right where it needs to be. Buy one.


Terrence on 16th Oct 2018

Was looking for something to pocket carry my mags as I only wanted to IWB my pistol. The PMC is a solid design, stays put in my pocket and allows for easy access to my mag while leaving additional space in my pocket for random things.

Added to EDC

Thomas on 5th Oct 2018

Stays upright in your pocket perfectly, easy to grab. What can I say, Chris Green done did it again. Game changer!