The Tailgater is a back pocket mag carrier designed to for easy to access and concealment.

Your magazine will sit vertically in your back pocket, along side your wallet, providing easy access to both while at the same time preventing your mag from printing through your pants.

This design works for both right and left handed shooters. 

Check out our kydex color selection here.

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Unique and Effective

Doug Hicks on 24th Apr 2021

What can I say, it works as advertised. I usually carry my wallet in the opposite back pocket so the combo makes it look like I'm a squat god. Can easily tuck a TQ behind it as well.


Brandon Miller on 9th Feb 2021

This product is outstanding. It frees up my front left pocket for a pocket medical kit (before the tailgater I used the pocket mag carrier), it fits in my back pocket with my wallet. It doesn’t interfere at all with my wallet and allows me to carry a spare mag comfortably and confidently. GFT makes outstanding gear that I bet my life on daily.

Surprisingly discrete and comfortable

David B on 21st Jan 2020

These magazine holders work well for everyday concealed. I work in a professional environment, so my options are tuckable IWB or pockets. I found IWB mag holsters to be incredibly painful on my side or back. And front mag pockets stick out too much. These back pocket holsters get the job done without you or anyone else noticing. Highly recommended even if you don’t use it every day - it gives you another option for ccw with certain clothes


Gerald Stetina on 26th Mar 2019

I purchased my tailgator and it arrived in a fairly decent amount of time. it holds a full size M&P mag with an extension in my back pocket and the wallet and its a ton more comfortable then just the wallet. have recommended to some friends already! Another great product.


Patrick on 7th Mar 2019

If you like to carry a spare magazine and your wallet in your back pocket this product is for you. Compatible with any double stack magazine and can be worn on either side of either pocket.