Made exclusively for the RATS TK.  Available in any of our colors, including premium and carbon with a variety of attachment methods.

RATS Tourniquet can be included for an additional $16.

Check out our kydex color selection here.

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Rats Tourniquet Carrier.

Reginald K Ringgold on 14th Sep 2020


Instant addition to my EDC

David B on 21st Jan 2020

I wear it on the opposite side as my IWB holster, at about the 3:30 position (I’m left handed.) The strap is at 3:30 and the tourniquet sits at about 4:00, so it follows the curve of my side without jamming into my side. I wish they offered a Left and Right model where one is the mirror image of the other - it’s not ambidextrous as far as I can tell.

Best edc upgrade ever

19th Nov 2016

This tourniquet holder is by far the best way to carry my RATS. Simple and comfortable. Quality seen in the manufacturing of this is well above my expectations. Chad was also extremely helpful. I would continue to do business with this company based on costumer service alone.


Matt Harmon on 18th Apr 2016

Awesome product! Awesome quality! Awesome service! Awesome family! #AlwaysbeAwesome!

Most versatile, rugged, and concealable carrier offered for RATS.

Matthew DeMello on 28th Dec 2015

I wanted to wear this for some time before reviewing it. You can't review a piece of gear if it just came in the mail. People say this is the best! Well what is the "best"? How is that measureable? Who is this person sayin such things. Well my review will be a some- what subjective/objective approach. Necessary holster qualities this rig has: - Robust: Been wearing it for two months and its clearly bomb proof - Versatility: Trying to look dapper with your CK suit and vest from EXPRESS? Not a problem. It is a tuckable set-up that can be canted and worn at any spot of your choosing on the belt line - Concealability: No other carrier I have seen is tuckable and conceals the RATS in that small of a package - Gross motor operation under stress. As an RN, I can educate you by stating typically, under a SNS response to a threat we lose much of our dexterity and fine motors skills that haven't been engrained to become reflex. Our skeletal muscles tense, our cognitive function declines, our fluids shunt to major organs to prepare for "flight or fight", our field of and vision is reduced regardless of our pupils dilating, and HR and Respiratory rate increase. This holster offers the ability to grab RATS under stress ONE HANDED (a NECESSARY Quality) quickly under stress with gloves on in the winter, under a tee summer tee shirt, or that nice button-up under your 120 dollar EXPRESS vest. If you think your subpar gear is good enough.. you have unrealistic view of your abilities. Green Force Tactical really makes superb holsters that meet the high standard gear meant to save your life that it should meet and doesn't conform to the "it's good enough" crown that rationalizes for carrying inferior gear because they purchase it due to ignorance. I literally carry it all day/everyday, even at work in my scrubs. Thinking of get a second to carry. Side note: They ran out of black and sent me Carbon Fiber instead - BAD ASS!!!!!!

Carry more often

top_r8 on 8th Dec 2015

Best way to carry a tourniquet, so I'll actually carry it now.


9th Nov 2015

This is a great way to carry a RATs tourniquet. It keeps it neatly organized and accessible.


Armin on 20th Oct 2015

Now I can carry my TOURNIQUET every day, even when I'm at school. it's a MUST have for everybody, doesn't matter you carry gun or not.