We've tweaked our design again and listened to your feedback.  The new Gen3 single mag carrier can be ordered OWB, IWB, TIWB, or as a BOB Mag carrier, too.  We've left the tuckable strut and soft loop as an option, but also created a standard IWB with just a soft loop because that is what you wanted!  

All of our Kydex Products have a 90 Day Satisfaction guarantee and a 100% Lifetime warranty.

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Can’t use it for EDC

David B on 21st Jan 2020

I bought this in the TIWB configuration to use at work every day. I found the holster to be incredibly painful squeezing into my side or back. It was causing light bruising and pain even a day later. I’m sure it’s just an issue with IWB mag holsters in general, not anything related to GFT. I used it for three days before deciding to switch to the GFT “Tailgater“ back pocket mag holster. I’m still happy I bought it, but I’m disappointed that I can’t use it every day.

Single mag carrier

Keith Watts on 17th Jun 2019

Top notch quality. Get one!

Mag Carrier Review

Russell Bozicevich on 14th Sep 2017

This is the most comfortable mag carrier I've ever tried. Other companies leave excess kydex on the bottom and sides which irritates my body and make the mag carrier unwearable. GFT's smaller profile not only makes the mag carrier disappear but also comfortable to wear. I forget I have it on. Great quality, great price, will be doing business again.

mag carrier

Kevin Carter on 6th Jul 2017

I ordered a matching mag carrier in Kryptec Typhon and Kelly did a fantastic job on it. The fit was perfect and retention is great. The finish was superb, edge polishing was as good as the holster. GFT will be my only holster company for life. Great job to all.

IWB Mag Carrier

Dave Stevens on 29th Jun 2017

Does what it's supposed to and stays comfortably where you put it. Plus it matches my IWB holster perfectly, what more can you ask for?

Proud to Carry!!

Thomas Pyburn on 10th Jun 2017

Amazing mag carrier, amazingly comfortable and very easy to retrieve mag under stress. A MUST have in terms of EDC. Thanks GFT!!!!!!!

Good construction

25th Oct 2016

Holds mag tight. Great quality. I Need to figure out how to make it not lean while carrying. Glad I got it though. Would recommend it to anyone

Better than leather

Dallas Shannon on 16th Jul 2016

I have had several different mag holders. This by far is the best. My mag slides in easy, holds retention and pulls easy. The color is complex at a low cost in so many different patterns and not as costly if you had a pattern on leather.