This Appendix Holster is a collaborative effort between Sonny Puzikas from Red Force/Forward Training Concepts and Green Force Tactical.

Sonny realized that an adjustable, reversed cant for appendix carry will improve wrist alignment, thus shortening the draw stroke.  This reduces your gun on target time, giving you the edge you need in that one second that matters the most.

Sonny pitched the idea to us and asked us to build Version 2.0 for him.  We are honored to build it and present it to you.

The belt attachment is what makes the Berkut V2 unique.  A cross strut is mounted on the holster with two soft loops.  The improved metal cross strut provides increased strength and durability.  The dual loops give you a stable draw platform while the strut gives you the flexibility to cant your holster to the most comfortable angle for you.  We've even added extra mount points so you can raise or lower the strut and control how high your holster rides.

Currently available in "Tactical Black".  The Berkut V2 is designed and created with the same engineering and care we put in all of our holsters and has the exact same warranty.  

Lead Time is expected to be about 2 weeks.

Check out our kydex color selection here.






Berkut holsters can not be built for any light or laser combo on your firearm.


This is do to license agreement with the designer  and also conflicts with the intent of the holster.


Current Stock:
4.50 (in)
6.50 (in)
2.50 (in)
Draw Hand *
RMR Cut? (+$10)

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Berkut II Glock 30

Michael Griffis on 9th May 2020

The attention to detail is impressive, perfectly matched to the lines of the pistol, I love the pivot design giving the holster a little leeway to move without sacrificing secure attachment to the belt via 2 soft loops. this is my second Berkut and it has become as important as my XS Big Dot sights, so you can bet whatever I buy next will be riding in a Berkut as well. Paired with an SOE EDC Belt, I can't imagine a better rig. I carry because I love my family, it's my job to keep them safe, in order to do that I need proper gear and IMO, you simply can't do better than GFT!


Clint Hallman on 10th Aug 2019

Best damn holster I’ve tried. I have a couple Alphas and tied the Berkut for a Glock 19. I will be ordering another soon for my p365.


Matt on 27th Jun 2019

Best appendix holster I’ve used. Very happy. Highly recommended.

Berkut 2 holster

Tim Arnold on 3rd Jun 2019

As uncomfortable as my other AIWB holster was, I thought I might have to get a smaller gun. I carry a Taurus G2c which is about as small as I’m comfortable using for an EDC. IM 6’3” and have large hands. I studied the Green Force YOUTUBE videos for quite some time before ordering a Berkut 2 Holster. Holy Shit this thing is really comfortable. I’m gonna get another for my Glock 23 soon. I’m usually skeptical about products that seemingly make this miraculous transformation just because it’s made by another company. If there’s any skeptics out there especially big guys who appendix carry, “ WAKE UP” This is the real deal!!

Holster review

Matt Bortz on 27th May 2019

Comfortable rig it holds my VP9 perfectly. Well worth the money wish I did not have to wait as long but I have been using for edc since it arrived.

Berkut ll

Wendell Usry on 11th Apr 2019

This is my 3rd Berkut ll for 3 different firearms. This holster is A TOTAL GAME CHANGER if you carry appendix! If you thought the Alpha was great(I did & still do) the Berkut ll will soon become your favorite..... as in the first time you wear it! GREAT gear from even GREATER people!

berkut 2

Daniel on 8th Apr 2019

I've bought 2 of these. Best holsters I've ever had. Awesome price, service, and delivery time. GFT is the only place I get holsters

Berkut ll review

Jason on 29th Mar 2019

The holster is pretty good, however I do have a suggestion. Locktite should definitely be included with this holster. Being that there are three adjustable points that are designed to move, they will actually come completely off if you don't constantly tighten the screws down. Also, the lead times need to be a little more accurate. I waited almost exactly three weeks for this holster, which should have fell under the "short order" parameters, of an estimated one week wait. I understand lead times are an estimate, but when one becomes three, I think you could do a better job at estimating. Will these two things keep me from any future ordering? Absolutely not. My goal is only to provide honest feedback in the hopes that it will only make Green Force Tactical a better company for everyone. I firmly believe that you have open your mouth, and say something, if you truly want change.