This Appendix Holster is a collaborative effort between Sonny Puzikas from Red Force/Forward Training Concepts and Green Force Tactical.

Sonny realized that an adjustable, reversed cant for appendix carry will improve wrist alignment, thus shortening the draw stroke.  This reduces your gun on target time, giving you the edge you need in that one second that matters the most.

Sonny pitched the idea to us and asked us to build Version 2.0 for him.  We are honored to build it and present it to you.

The belt attachment is what makes the Berkut V2 unique.  A cross strut is mounted on the holster with two soft loops.  The improved metal cross strut provides increased strength and durability.  The dual loops give you a stable draw platform while the strut gives you the flexibility to cant your holster to the most comfortable angle for you.  We've even added extra mount points so you can raise or lower the strut and control how high your holster rides.

Currently available in "Tactical Black".  The Berkut V2 is designed and created with the same engineering and care we put in all of our holsters and has the exact same warranty.  

Lead Time is expected to be about 2 weeks.

Check out our kydex color selection here.






Berkut holsters can not be built for any light or laser combo on your firearm.


This is do to license agreement with the designer  and also conflicts with the intent of the holster.


Current Stock:
4.50 (in)
6.50 (in)
2.50 (in)
Draw Hand *
RMR Cut? (+$10)

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The Berkut

JAMES WALKER on 15th Aug 2018

Great Holster !!!

Berkut II review

Nick Alvarez on 7th Aug 2018

I received my Berkut II in blood red kryptec and I was immediately impressed with the build quality of this holster. It is very comfortable and fits my polymer 80 glock 19 perfectly. I have nearly zero printing and you cant tell Im wearing it. Shipping was very reasonable for a custom built item. My only regret is that I didnt order two!

Berkut 2

Kevin Blodgett on 1st Aug 2018

I've tried many appendix holsters and the Berkut2 is by far the most comfortable. It has many ways to adjust it to what suits your body type the best. Definitely highly quality, the fit and finish are top notch. I will be ordering another and would recommend this holster to anyone that wants the best available.

I hated appendixe carry until I bought GFT holsters.

Jared Hilliard on 27th Jun 2018

It's a common myth that people with beer guts can't appendix carry. Watch the video on the 300th parallel that's linked on this website, and get you an appendix holster from GFT. The Berkut is the only one I own currently, but people I've asked say it's the best. It's very modular. It will feel weird when you go from 3 o'clock carry to 1, but after awhile you'll prefer it.

Berkut II

Donald M Leone on 11th May 2018

The best everyday carry holster u will ever own. I can wear it all day long and still be comfortable

The Berkut II is the best appendix holster ever made.

Gary "E.J." Johnson on 1st May 2018

I have carried a dozen different holsters from a dozen different companies. The Green Force Tactical Berkut II is hands down the best holster I've ever worn. They are comfortable to wear from the minute I out of bed, Until I get undressed at night. I carry two Glock 19's in Berkuts "double appendix" and they are absolutely awesome. You will be so happy with your Berkut II you'll want a second! Or third!

Berkut II

Andy on 1st May 2018

Great look and awesome feel. I’ve used GCode for years but I’m sold on this. In addition, the customer service is second to none. In a world where custom orders are locked in on day one I had a couple of changes while waiting for my order to be made. No problem at all with GFT. That’s just unheard of in this industry. I’m a lifelong customer for sure.

Berkut II

Jason R on 23rd Feb 2018

This holster is amazing for a big guy like me to be able to carry appendix with no issue that is awesome! very comfortable and I am carrying a Glock 19. Green Force has great customer service answered all my crazy questions and the holster shipped very quickly. I have already recommended them to all my buddies and will most definitely be ordering more holsters from GFT. Thanks guys for making amazing holsters