Replacement Clip for the Surefire Tactician.  This locks out the constant on and allows you to carry bezel down.   Made from grade 5 Ti. 

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Clip for SF Tactician

Brian on 19th Aug 2020

This is the pocket clip the SureFire Tactician should have come with!! Muzzle down orientation. Leave it to GFT to unfuk the situation!! Good job GFT Fam!!

This is the clip you are looking for

Chris on 18th Aug 2020

This clip literally fixed the only problems I had with this light (bezel up carry and the twist on) Solid, smooth clean clip will fit in any pants pocket. You want this clip, you need this clip

Buy this clip!

Ben Starnes on 18th Aug 2020

The clip for the surefire Tactician is the single greatest upgrade for a flashlight since the advent of the LED bulb. This clip is not only more robust but it finally puts the light bezel down which makes it the perfect carry light.

Surefire tactician clip

Jon F on 18th Aug 2020

Perfect fit. Able to carry my light bezel down now. Love the pirate flag etching. Thanks GFT for a great product as usual.

Tactician Pocket Clip

Corey Saxe on 18th Aug 2020

Another brilliantly designed product from GFT!